Dovahkiin Moving Forward



With the removal of Ceardia quickly approaching Dovahkiin has much to do! Currently the officers of Dovahkiin are working hard to prepare the faction for the move to Ellador, one of the new worlds. It is also great to see faction members active and online, one of my goals for the new Dovahkiin in Ellador is to make the faction more interactive! I can’t reveal much yet, though if you would like to help with the preparation for the move and with establishing Dovahkiin’s new home, please mail me and tell me how much time you have and what you can and can’t do(build, recruit, lead, make money, supplies).
Thank you to those who have been helping with projects and get a move on to those who do have a project and aren’t near completion 😛 time is running short.
I am also going to try and introduce a few new things into Dovahkiin over the next few days-weeks, so stay tuned and PLEASE tell, no, FORCE more people to visit the website, new members in particular!

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