I have been banned…

Hello, strider6106 here.

I have been banned for 3 days. I am unaware of who and in what circumstances I have been banned but I have been given the reason “Breaking chunk rule in Kelmoria”.
It would be appreciated if someone could find out the specifics of why I was banned and comment on this post telling me why.
Also, do not unclaim any land in Kelmoria, no matter what. Someone may have complained to get me banned and they may try and reason with Dovahkiin to get the land unclaimed, however I am happy to cop a 3 day ban to hold our current land.

I hope you can all get a lot done in the 3 days I am away, and can surprise me when I get back. 😀 Here is a list of things that need doing:
Moomius: Finish jail.
SimsIsFun: Increase faction bank balance to 130 silver.
Batmanfive: RP event.
Operationguard: Farming District.
Wolfoftao+Sir_PenguinBoy: Finish your rooms (the ones I made with wolf the other day, replica symmetrical rooms, opposite each other, one is already done, one for each of you). Recruit members directly for the group and put them in the 6 rooms wolf made.
OFFICERS:-RECRUIT, settle the members in Sei-Ryu rooms.
MEMBERS: Finish the farm in the mines (in the back birch log room to the right), place water, cobble steps ontop and plant crops.
MEMBERS: TRAIN any pvp skill (swords, axes, bow, unarmed) to level 300. <–that would impress me.


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