Time to get serious!!!

As I’m  sure you’ve all noticed I’ve been away from Dovahkiin for a bit and this is reflected in the factions current state… -_-  Firstly, sorry for being away, I was somewhat abandoning Dovahkiin there and I am happy to say I am back!!
I have been busy running my own server! It was a good server and was going really well, but it met an unfortunate end. A bad host and a vengeful server founder who I cut out (he was incompetent 😉 ). It was a 150 slot server not that different from massivecraft, and it just got messy and was too much effort. So forget it!!!! What about Dovahkiin!!! My good friends who have put their trust in me! So I am back, and I have some big goals for Dovahkiin and really want to bring Dovahkiin back to it’s former glory. Get ready to rumble!!


  1. Hey guys, just to follow up on what strider said, i’m back too, sorry for abandoning the faction too but my computer had to go In for repairs unexpectedly and I had no way of telling you guys, it’s back now and working rather well. I’m on holiday till the end of the week so I will be on regularly to make things up to you guys. Once again I am sorry and I hope I can help bring dovah back to its former glory.

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