Next City Location

Hi Dragonborn!

We’ve just about unclaimed Ald’Run, our Teled Methen city, our final full unclaim will happen soon.

What next?

We get to choose where we want to settle next! We may not need another full city just yet, however it would be good to establish a small site somewhere that we can have to passively work on when we want to. Taking this first step may help us shape our future faction direction and will also give us a new project to work on.

I’ve been scouting the maps and have found two potential locations with expansion potential. The main thing in common between these two sites is that they are in grassy flat areas, much easier to develop and expand on (also similar landscape to that of the DovahCube lands). 🙂
Location pictures at the end of post.

1. Hyarroc – Grass plains surrounded by dense jungle

This location has good potential for easy rapid development without the need for terraforming. There is a good source of wood available, being that the plain is surrounded by dense jungle. The rock base under the plain is also a mix of diorite and stone.
This location could be set up with a central spawn building and roads leading outwards, defining loose districts/plots for the city.
The surrounding jungle contains a number of ruins, good for exploring.
There is a sea to the south, this could be easily expanded to via a road and a dock town developed, if the need ever arose.
There are no major neighbours in the area.

2. Teled Methen – Melon field island, rugged but level terrain littered with melon shrubs and small ruins

This location is not as flat, the terrain is undulating and the flat areas are smaller in size. The island is covered in melon shrubs, source of food for new recruits I guess? xD
There are also small ruins across the island and some small trees, so there is a bit of land clearing to do as we expand. Not a major task though.
Expansion to the south of the island is limited by a small faction claim, it looks like just a farm so this may be purchasable if we ever want to expand.
This site would allow is to have an entire island under the control of Dovahkiin, if we ever develop a populated city there. A cool idea, not sure how great it would actually be.. The expansion part could be fun, and acquiring the island from the other claims would be an interesting challenge, however holding the whole island in the end would be expensive and take a lot of maintenance/management.

Development Approach

Before we potentially commence building a new city, I think we should consider our approach.
In Teled we constructed (and planned construction for) a number of ‘faction’ buildings which never really got used and were essentially pointless (including the fort, my bad).
Some faction buildings are key, but I think the city focus should not be on them. In the DovahCube the plaza was a rather small area and the bulk of the city was actually player homes.
The emphasis on faction buildings also meant that the recruitment introduction process was long and tiresome as we had to tour the recruit over a big area and show them a lot of buildings. A smaller number of faction buildings may make the recruiting process easier too, this will make leadership more inclined to recruit. We should review our recruiting process so we can see how to improve it.
Our previously more successful (and fun) cities have generally been the ones where members have more freedom and can bring the faction to life with their own creative desires. A more loose plot based/free build city would require less micro management and promote member interest more. However we are still players who are concerned with design and aesthetics, so perhaps we should consider building a separate aesthetic city (on a smaller scale) in another location. Maybe we utilise the land space above our f home in Fendarfell to work on a city like this. This would also give our officers more permanent homes to securely store our belongings in.

Key Points for us to consider and discuss:

  • City focus on player homes – less empty faction buildings.
  • More concise recruitment process – make is easier for officers (and hence more tempting to recruit)
  • Free build/plot based city
  • Aesthetic city above f home for trusted members / leadership

Location Pictures:

Hyarroc Site Closeup

Hyarroc Grass Plains

Hyarroc Site Full Map

Hyarroc Location

Teled Site Closeup

Teled Melon Fields

Teled Site Full Map

Teled Location



Time to Unclaim

Time to unclaim Ald’run!

I’ve gone through the city and moved any remaining valuables to the Dovahkiin warehouse. (Portal in the portal room, go down one floor and look on the left.)

Only things left to move is Lily’s belongings in her Treehouse home.

My plan was to unclaim everything except Lily’s house, the christmas tree, and the small town/town square in the lower city. Thoughts?

I figured the lower city was more space effective and was also more useful for recruiting. Would take up less room than keeping the plaza.

If we unclaim the city now, we will have around 4 months before it gets massiverestored.

Let me know what you guys think! I’ll aim to unclaim/claim next weekend.


EDIT: oh haha.. there is no lower city anymore.. xD Guess that seals it.

So, do we unclaim the whole thing? (but leave the christmas tree 😀 )

I’m all for unclaiming the whole city.

The State of our Faction


Dovahkiin is… all but dead. As best said by our Message of the Day, “and then there were four.” But I’m sort of doubting that too – simply because four will never make a faction. Dovahkiin is all but dead, and it’s sad. It’s going to need commitment and new leadership to survive.

Personally, I believe it’s time to literally revamp almost everything. I’ll outline my plan below:

Get rid of Ald’ruhn

While this is drastic, it’s time to get rid of Ald’ruhn. Or, at least, most of it. While I’m happy to keep the same area, I think it’s time we just dump all of the unnecessary stuff. Who uses our housing areas? Who uses the fort? Who uses the theme park? Who uses the training area down the bottom, and who uses the fountain? We need to strip back to a plaza, or just start again. Ald’ruhn is expensive, and it’s basically time to just drop it. DovahkiinDR costs 5r per day, which I’m personally happy to cover, but apart from that, we need to cull most of our facilities. Realistically, the only thing people use right now is our f home – which I’m planning on keeping for as long as possible. The Cube should stay, as it’s a small claim for its usefulness.

In summary – let’s dump Ald’ruhn, either by unclaiming everything apart from the farms and the plaza, or just dump it in favor of new horizons (you know, the less rushed kind.)

Recruit, recruit, recruit

Once we set up base, we need to recruit members. At this point, it’s worth having an area where recruits can just do whatever. There’s no point in fussing over details when we’re literally just going to be trying to shove as many people in as possible. Give people jobs, like building farms, shops, and build a community. If we end up keeping Ald’ruhn’s plaza, we can use the surrounding area as a recruit-fest, with our nicer buildings going to somewhere new TBA. From what we’ve learnt, the inactivity that’s caused is simply due to the lack of anything to do. We’re so self sufficient, and lacking in RP, that our faction just kind of dies.

We’re going to need to sort out new protocols for recruiting too. Instead of recruiting at all times, perhaps it would be best to concentrate recruiting people in ‘time-blocks’ so that people of similar time zones can communicate. At this point, we recruit when we feel like it, but it’s simply not effective. A weekly quota could also be applied for officers who are active and are able to keep up.

Find new officers

As much as we’re dedicated to Dovahkiin, our three officers + one leader are not going to build the future of Dovahkiin. We’re going to have to find new people who can take Dovahkiin in another direction. It’s been a long time for all of us; ranging from 6 years all the way to 2 and a half years. That’s a long time for a community – and I’m ever grateful for the people that we’ve met along the way. You guys are awesome, and I want you to know that.

That being said, it’s time to find some new blood to invigorate Dovahkiin, and sort out events, so it’s not the four of us doing everything. That’s where we fail – in the lack of people who can do stuff.

Complete Rebrand

This is probably a bit dramatic, but perhaps it’s time to find a new name, or description. Dovahkiin is… non lore compliant, and gets instantly associated with Skyrim. While I would feel weird, Dovahkiin’s name is old, and is no longer valuable. It’s associated with its age – and not in a good way. While that would be quite drastic, I feel as though a new MOTD, Website, Title, Job System, and faction description are all needed very soon if we are to ever feel new and fresh.


I’m going to be busy for the next while, and won’t be able to play as often. I’ll try to come on every couple days, but we’re going to have to make an effort to make this work.

All hands on deck; get ready to sail.